Proxy server anonymous level

Proxy server anonymous level

What is a transparent proxy server?

Although the transparent proxy server will change your actual IP address, and put your address into it, but your real IP address will be very easy to find in the request. Therefore, if a web site is forced to ask your IP address, it can be easily obtained because your IP address has been simply moved to another location and is not difficult to be found.

The transparent proxy server has the advantage of fast speed. They are faster than any common anonymous or highly anonymous server, because very few people use them. For example, if you are trying to bypass the local firewall, the transparent proxy server is currently the most suitable solution for you. It allows you to move on without having to hide your IP address to anyone. Instead, it allows you to hide the site you are opening.

What is an ordinary anonymous proxy server?

Ordinary anonymous proxy server does not transfer the information related to your actual IP address. This means that you are invisible on the Internet. Since no one knows the actual location of the clues, they can not establish any illegal connection to your computer to steal valuable information and confidential information.

In a few cases, the fact that you are using proxy servers to connect to the Internet may be considered normal. In addition, the anonymous proxy server will securely hide your true IP. In some cases, such as the use of mobile WAP network for monitoring purposes, all users are forced to use the proxy server to connect. Using proxy servers does not always mean that you are going to hide.

What is a highly anonymous proxy server?

Highly anonymous proxy server is very safe, because it will hide your real IP and the fact that you are using the proxy server to connect to. In other words, the behavior of these servers is like you do not use the proxy server, and you want to display the IP address is in fact your IP address. You should know that the most important thing for a highly anonymous proxy server is that they are more secure than an anonymous proxy server. This makes it very popular among Internet users, and presents them at a low speed.