Proxy server knowledge

Proxy server knowledge

What is a proxy server?

It is possible that you have heard of the proxy server, but you may not understand how it works. The proxy server can be considered as a middleman between your computer and the Internet. Its function is to process all requests that you make, save all the files you downloaded, and execute all the tasks you want to perform on the Internet.

The most basic task of proxy server

The proxy server not only performs a large number of tasks, but also protects the anonymity. They make the Internet more convenient, and the protection of security.

  1. speed up your Internet connection and work
  2. hide your IP address, so you can protect yourself from identity theft and other spy
  3. by compressing the information you get from the user to save the net traffic
  4. so you can easily view the blocked web site

proxy server allows you to freely access

The proxy server is also known for allowing people to access sites that have been banned by a particular authority. The proxy server leads to those who value privacy protection. If you are using a normal server, they can keep you more hidden than the normal server.

When your IP address is blocked, you will not use the proxy server to track you down. There are a lot of people who use IP to stop those who want to break the rules. This is an important message, which can be used by hackers or any person who is not in use for your benefit. Using the proxy will definitely help you protect your security and anonymity.

Which proxy server is the best

Remember, not all of the proxy servers are anonymous. There are also some not able to hide your IP. There are some that can hide your IP, but they may be too expensive. Your task is to find a cheap and effective agent.

There are a lot of lists on the Internet, but make sure that the article is the latest. Also to note is that some proxy servers may be added to the chain of proxy server, you from a proxy server to go to another proxy server. The agent chain can completely cover up your address and increase your anonymity, but it will seriously reduce your Internet speed.

Proxy server helps to improve efficiency

Usually, the proxy server is used to make the Internet work faster. Typically, the server data has a dedicated connection line. This is faster than the direct processing of network resources. The server cache, measured in bytes, is a copy of the information retained in it. This information is the most frequently accessed resource.

Proxy server to optimize your Internet experience

When you search the Internet, you have no reason to delay the use of proxy server. It is better for you to be prepared to increase security, rather than to repair your credit and other potential compromises that exist in your security.

What is the difference between HTTP Proxy and socks Proxy

HTTP Proxy: can proxy client HTTP access, the main agent of the browser to access the web page, and its port is generally 80, 8080, 3128, etc.;

Socks proxy: a socks proxy and other types of agents with different, it just simply transmission of data packets. And do not care about what kind of application protocol, can be both HTTP requests, so the socks proxy server than other types of proxy server speed to much faster.

A socks proxy is divided as Socks4 and Socks5. Two different is Socks4 proxies only supports TCP (transmission control protocol), and Socks5 proxy both support TCP protocol and support UDP (User Datagram Protocol), also supports a variety of authentication mechanism, server end domain name resolution. SOCK4 can do the Socks5 can be obtained, but the Socks5 can do SOCK4 may not be able to do, such as we commonly used chat tool QQ when using a proxy requires with Socks5 proxy, because it requires the use of UDP protocol to transmit data. Socks5 agent can be seen as an all powerful agent, whether it is Telnet, FTP or IRC chat can use it, the port of this kind of agent is usually 1080.